Baliyo Ghar

Monday 19:30

Program dedicated for Building strong House.

BBC Sajha Sawal

Sunday 21:00

Sajha Sawal 'Common Questions' is a weekly debate programme produced by BBC Media Action Nepal broadcast on radio, TV and...

Call Kantipur Reloaded

Everyday 17:05

A live musical show in its 13th year, where the people can call from all part of the world and...

Cinema Fest

Wednesday 18:30

A weekly program showcasing the red carpet events, premiers, shooting reports, controversies from the world of Nepali film fraternity.

Ditha Sab

Saturday 21:00

A comedy serial mainly focused on entertaining the audiences with light rural humor with high demand on YouTube as well.


Monday 21:30

Burning issues and its different angle on current political and social challenges fired at top notch decision makers, presented by...

Harke Haldar

Wednesday 21:00

A weekly comedy serial from one of the rural village of Nepal, where the story revolves around the main...

Headline News

Everyday 9:00 | 11:00 | 13:00 | 15:00 & 17:00

5 Minutes Headlines news of current affairs .

Here I Come

Monday 18:30

A show dedicated to the new, emerging and promising music talent where they talk about their journey thus far. The...


Saturday 19:30

Show dedicated to those students who wants to pursue their academics outside Nepal and also provides information on the different...

हामीले मानवको हरेक जीवन सँग सम्बन्धित , समस्याहरु जस्तै ग्रहदशा, राशीफल, भविष्यफल वास्तुज्ञान आदी सम्पुर्ण ज्योतिष सम्बन्धित जानकारी गराउन यो...

Kantipur News

Everyday 8:00 18:00 & 22:30

Daily English News Show

Kantipur Samachar

Everyday 07:00 & 20:00

Daily Nepali News Show

Khasa Khusa

Thursday 19:30


Saturday 21:30

M&S VMAG aims to update, inform and entertain its followers each week with stories on various lifestyle topics, in both...

Marga Darshan

Everyday at 9:00 Except Monday

A Religious Program

Market Watch

Tuesday & Wednesday 19:30

A business and market base program. This program is focusing on Share market, Foreign exchange rate, Gold/Silver, Vegetable/Fruits price in...

Money Talks

Tuesday 21:00

A show about Money.


Every Saturday 14:00

Nepali Movie Show dedicated to promote Nepali Film Industry.

Music Box

Sunday 13:05Repeat: Thu 12:30

A Musical Show

Music Galaxy

Thursday 18:30

A music magazine focused on the non filmy Nepali music with reports on new releases, gossips, new singers, musical events...

Music Summit

Tuesday 18:30

The weekly countdown of non filmy Nepali music with extra information on the artist, album and music videos.

New Entry

Everyday 16:30

Show dedicated to new released Music Videos


Program Archive

An interview based social show with the objective of bringing out the problems in the society and its solution.

Pulsar Dare Venture

Friday 21:00

Nepal's first ever Motorbike Reality Show

Quiz Mania Season 6

Thursday 21:00

South Asian Quiz show "Quiz Mania season-6"

Rise & Shine

Everyday 8:30

Morning Interview program


Program Archieve

A panel discussion specially on women oriented issues and their solution along with live audiences interaction and participation.


Tuesday 21:30

Weekly debatable show with prominent political and social personalities where the anchor grills at least 3 participants on the chosen...

Score Board

Sunday 18:30

A weekly round up from the world of sports both from national and international arena.


Everyday 6:40

Tele-shopping Program

Suman Sanga

Thursday 22:00

A socio-political chat show with politicians,celebrities & common people To bring the variation in the chat show, a senior...

A weekly political talk show that features the mainstream political and at times social figures, presented by Dil Bhusan...

Twakka Tukka

Friday 19:30

A show dedicated to all those audiences who enjoys light hearted comedy.

Ukali Orali

Saturday 18:30

A show dedicated to all the Nepalese who hasn’t forgotten their roots of ethic music and enjoys typical tradition...

What The Flop

Monday 21:00

Satirical comedy program hosted by Sandip Chettri who tickles your bone with his hilarious reports on a week’s noticeable event...